Stepping Up for STEPtember

Team Lusio is made up of Founder and CEO Justin, Accountant Hossein, Comms Manager Robin and our new team member John, who has recently joined us within our Client Engagement/Support Team, where he will be leveraging his knowledge as a 3rd year student Occupational Therapist.

We will be making a fair amount of noise on our social media channels over the coming weeks and particularly during the month of STEPtember itself, and we’d like to encourage as many of you reading this, in particular LusioMATE users, to get involved and do the same.

STEPtember: The Low Down

So what is STEPtember? It’s Australia's leading health and wellness fundraising event, organised by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, looking for us all to step up to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and adults living with Cerebral Palsy.

Last year, the STEPtember community raised over $7 million in Australia for the purchase of vital equipment, research, therapy and services. This year, STEPtember is being taken to a new level with an even bigger goal! From September 1 to 28 , the CPA is looking for over 80,000 Australians to come together to take 10,000 steps a day to raise money for this important cause.
As a virtual event, STEPtember is a fun and safe way to get active and feel part of a community – no matter where you are! And, best of all, every step you take and every dollar you raise will impact the lives of children and adults living with CP.

So How Does It Work?

First of course you need to register, which if you haven't done already you can do here now.

Once done, then it's time to start getting prepared.  10,000 steps sounds like a lot and the first question you might be asking is ‘how am I going to do all that in a day, and how am I going to keep count?’. Well the answer is, it’s easy. Firstly, about the 10,000 steps, these can be anything really. Steps can count from running, walking, wheeling, swimming or spinning, whether it be via specific workout activity, or just going about your daily business. Better still they can count from your daily movement exercises with LusioMATE, making it even easier still to get that magical total under your belt each day.

So how about counting them? Again, easy. There are plenty of ways you can do it using various bits of tech that you might have like Fitbits or Apple Watches etc, but if you don’t have those then your smartphone can do the job via the Health App or Google Fit App. Just remember to take your phone with you wherever you go, and during whatever exercise you do, and the Apps will take care of the
rest as they count up the movements you make throughout the day. Better still they will sync directly with the STEPtember App, which you’ll download when you register, thereby recording all the data into your dashboard. 


Lusio Rehab Bonus Donation

So really as you can see, it couldn’t be easier to get set up and keep track of your activity target which should leave you plenty of time and energy to get posting and sharing on all your social media, and hopefully ours too. We want to see lots of posts in the Lusio Family FB Group and on the Lusio Rehab Facebook and Instagram pages. Get creative, especially with LusioMATE, as the best post on any of the channels, as judged by Team Lusio, will see a $100 donation from Lusio Rehab to that person or team’s fundraising effort!!


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