Game Developing for Lusio Rehab

Lusio Rehab welcomes all game developers to use its Unity3D plugin and develop Lusio games. You can adopt an existing game or create a new one from scratch. Lusio Rehab will buy your compatible game and promotes it to the Lusio Family to be played by people who need to do physio every day.

How LusioMATE works?

LusioMATE (Motivating Activity Therapy Entertainment) is a motion sensor that can connect to any smart devices via Bluetooth V4. Having 2 Lusio sensors enables you to calculate a relational angle between them and this angle can be used as a game input.

Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and / or Exercise Physiologists are able to create movement goals and therapy programs for clients which will then appear within whichever Lusio game the client chooses to play. Clients can then follow their clinician's direction while they play any number of the games on the platform. 

Watch this short demo video for further insight:


[Watch this video on here]


What is LusioConnect?

LusioConnect is a Unity3D plugin that makes a Lusio developer's life easier! It handles connecting to devices via Bluetooth, identifying the player, fetching the prescribed movement, producing the games input, recording the games scores and much more. Using LusioConnect you don't need to do anything other than make awesome games for Lusio Family clients to play when doing their physical therapy programs.

How to start?

Email us at and let us know what game you'd like to adopt or create. We will provide you with the LusioConnect plugin, its documentation, one or more sample codes, including some useful UI designs for showing the prescribed movement or managing the connections, and a simulator for our hardware. We'll need to agree on the project time frame and then sign a simple contract and then we can start. 

Frequently asked questions:

1 - Do I need a pair of LusioMATE sensors to test the final game? 

No, it's not necessary. The plugin lets you imitate the sensors using a keyboard which is enough for game development. Also, we will provide you with the LusioMATE simulator app that converts your mobile phone to a LusioMATE sensor.  It has limited features but it is enough for game development purposes.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

[Watch this video on here]

2 -  Can I adapt games from the Unity Asset Store for Lusio Rehab?

Yes, we will buy the project if its copyright is available, then you can work on it for us. It's just like adapting your own existing games for Lusio. We also have a list of asset store games that we like so you can pick one from there and adapt it for us.


3 -  What's the preferred platform for Lusio Rehab games? Android or iOS?

Well, the answer is both! We need games to be available on both platforms. So please DON'T use any single platform your project :)


4 - What's Lusio Rehab's financial model for developers?

For adapting existing games from the Unity Asset Store, Lusio pays $50 to $200, depending on the project, and offers it free to Lusio Family clients. For creating a new game from scratch, we would need to negotiate a project fee.

Lusio Rehab can also offer 'Paid For' games to clients and forward them to the App store or Play store to buy. So it's also possible for developers to adapt or design a game for Lusio and sell it on the stores themselves. If you are interested in this model, just contact us and we can negotiate a development plan.


5 - How are Lusio Family clients notified that a new game is available?

All people using the Lusio ecosystem use a central app called LusioHub, where they can see all games avilable.  Also, any new games will be promoted heavily across all our social media channels.

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