LusioMATE for Insurers



Poor Physical Therapy outcomes lead to ongoing costs for insurers and reimbursers.  The number one hurdle to improving these outcomes is adherence, with typical ‘at-home’ adherence rates generally accepted to be as low as 15%.



The combination of LusioMATE’s motivating and engaging gaming therapy, and its remote monitoring and prescription capability, make it uniquely placed to drive the all important adherence rates, ultimately leading to better outcomes.

Furthermore, the LusioMATE physical therapy ecosystem is completely flexible in that it can be integrated with the client’s own clinical team or the preferred clinical team of the insurer and / or any combination of each. 

There is no limit to who can access the system and engage with the client's physical therapy journey.

Why LusioMATE?

  • Motivates achievement of movement goals
  • Drives therapy program adherence
  • Small and portable - can be used anytime, anywhere
  • Remote monitoring and prescribing


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