LusioMATE for Service Providers



LusioMATE is widely used by an ever growing number of Allied Health providers, Hospitals and Physio / OT clinics around the world



LusioMATE’s motivating and engaging gaming therapy, and its remote monitoring and prescription capability, make it uniquely placed to drive the all important adherence to therapy programs, creating better health outcomes for clients.

We are very proud that clients using LusioMATE range from 4 - 94 years of age with an incredibly varied personal need to move such as Stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, TBI, Spinal Injuries, CP, Chronic Pain and MSK.

The small size of the proprietary Lusio Sensors enables the motivation of both Gross and Fine Motor Movement Goals, giving LusioMATE a distinct and unique advantage over most other wearable and / or motion sensors on the market.

For large multi department service providers, LusioMATE’s portability is a further added benefit.  It is very simple to move LusioMATE from one location to another!

Why LusioMATE?

  • Motivates achievement of movement goals
  • Drives therapy program adherence
  • Small and portable - can be used anytime, anywhere
  • Remote monitoring and prescribing
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