LusioMATE for Employers



LusioMATE is an ideal Physical Therapy ecosystem to integrate into the management of employee health, wellbeing, welfare and rehabilitation programs.



Particularly as regards rehab and the critical area of ‘back to work’, the combination of LusioMATE’s motivating and engaging gaming therapy, and its remote monitoring and prescription capability, make it uniquely placed to drive the all important adherence to therapy programs.

Typical ‘at home’ therapy adherence levels of 15% are a universally acknowledged challenge for health providers and in turn a critical limiter to ‘back to work’ rates for employees and employers.  

Using LusioMATE at critical stages within the continuum of care, such as pre-op and post op rehabilitation or early rehab intervention post workplace injury, is proven to drive the necessary adherence to therapy programs to get employees back to work faster.


Why LusioMATE?

  • Motivates achievement of movement goals
  • Drives therapy program adherence
  • Small and portable - can be used anytime, anywhere
  • Remote monitoring and prescribing
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