Purpose Vision Values


Assist improved health outcomes through tech.


To engage people with their physical therapy through fun and innovative tech which sees them go far beyond their preconceived ideas of what they are capable of.  And to make this universally accessible such that everyone and anyone who needs it can get it anytime, anyplace, anywhere.


Customer Focus - wow our customers expectations as we empower them on their therapy journey. 
Innovation - innovate with passion, humility and in consultation with our customers continuously. 
Fun - keep FUN as a bedrock of LusioMATE, Team Lusio and the Lusio Family at all times.
Help - improving quality of life and caring for all around us.
Accessibility - strive for total global access to our innovative tech.
Honesty / Integrity - to be uppermost in all interactions internally and externally.
Team - tenacious, nimble and humble team ethic.
Sustainability - think as a global citizen who respects unequivocally the earth we walk on.
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