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Our Mission is to help 10,000 people by 2023 find "Freedom Through Movement".


Rehabilitation through fun, creativity and technology

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What is LusioMATE

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Game of the week (18-25 Oct): Raccoon Rescue 

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Families and Smaller Clinics using LusioMATE

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Imagine a Physio in your pocket

LusioMATE can be played anywhere, anytime and by people of almost any age. Carers, players and clinicians can login via any device to access a dashboard and check on achievements and progress. 

Why LusioMATE?

How we make it happen

Lusio provides an ecosystem of a wearable device, therapy gaming platform and a clinician dashboard. LusioMATE is made for players of almost any level of mobility and for any part of the body. It connects to most smart TVs and TV boxes and all Android devices. MATE enables players to play games designed to stimulate, engage and create motivation for movement.


I thought lusio was great.  It was good at being able to see change in  the client, it was good at practicing “boring/repetitive” movements that would normally be a struggle to get the kids to complete.

Michelle Cooper | Occupational Therapist | LifePoints Cerebral Palsy Alliance