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How the LusioMATE magic happens

The LusioMATE app provides an ecosystem of a wearable device, therapy gaming platform and a clinician dashboard for monitoring and prescribing remotely. LusioMATE is made for players of almost any level of mobility and for any part of the body. It connects to all smart phones and tablets  (Android and iOS), smart TVs and TV boxes. LusioMATE enables players to play games designed to stimulate, engage and create motivation for movement, and to help in the achievement of rehab and all general physical therapy goals.

Full specifics on IT requirements for LusioMATE available here.

Adherence is Key

LusioMATE and Adherence

Games for all to engage with

At the heart of the LusioMATE ecosystem is a suite of FUN and ENGAGING games designed to play their part in motivating Players to achieve their Movement Goals. Whether the Player is 4 years old or 94, there’s a game to pique their interest and take them on a FUN and ENGAGING journey as they work on completing their PT program. Many of the games double up as both exergames and cognigames as they can be set to work on agreed Movement Goals - whether they be Gross or Fine motor - but also challenge the Player’s cognitive ability.

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We're proud to be working with an ever increasing number of service providers, allied health professionals, employers and insurers across the globe.

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