LusioMATE NDIS Funding Information

LusioMATE is a Class 1 Medical Device physical therapy ecosystem App with wearable sensor controllers that motivates clients (players) to do physical therapy movements prescribed by clinicians. This motivation to play enables them to reach their rehabilitation or habilitation goals. LusioMATE is designed to be played at home, on the go, or in a clinic and on almost any device.  Its clear aim is to extend the impact of face to face clinician appointments.

For clinicians or carers, LusioMATE enables the prescribing of physical therapy activity, the setting of tailored movement goals and remote compliance monitoring. Clinicians can easily review and motivate one or one hundred clients located anywhere in the world, maximising time efficiency, their impact and the number of people they can help.

We are a registered NDIS provider (Provider Number 4050026071)

NDIS Categories

LusioMATE can be paid for via, Assistive Technology, from either a Core funding budget or from the following sub-categories of your NDIS funding:

- Consumables
- Capacity Building
- Personal Mobility
- Assistive Equipment Recreation

LusioMATE Payments – Low Cost – Low Risk

LusioMATE can be paid for in 2 ways:

Outright purchase - $1500 + GST  and 12 Month Software License $348 + GST
Quarterly subscription fee - $357 + GST


How to Get LusioMATE

If you are looking to fund LusioMATE via the above categories, we can prepare a quote or invoice for you and then depending on the type of NDIS plan you are under, follow the instructions below:

Agency Managed - You will need your quote to be justified by your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist.
Plan Managed - Share your quote with your Plan Manager, ask them to check your budget to determine if funding is available without further approval.
Self-Managed - There is no need for justification, simply request an invoice.

For any further information, assistance or clarification please don’t hesitate to contact us


Download our NDIS Info Sheet above from here.

Download our NDIS Guide for Justification Document here.


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