Never Stop Learning Lusio

Training with LusioMATE is absolutely fundamental to getting the best outcomes from it.  We at Lusio HQ are acutely aware of this, and even more so of our responsibility to help the Lusio Family with it.  Our main training resource is the Quick Guide on the website but we intend to start communicating via email on a regular basis with Tips and Hints to get the best out of the platform for all clients. 

When a subscriber first signs up to the LusioMATE platform, we like to recommend that they download the Lusio Hub and / or games and familiarize themselves via the Quick Guide .  It’s available both on the website and as a downloadable printable form, for those who like to have a hard copy at hand.

If you haven’t visited the Quick Guide for a while, or you have never done so, we strongly recommend you take the time and have a quick look through it today to re-familiarise yourself with the platform.  You never know, you may well find a feature within the platform that you didn’t know about, and which might take the benefits of using the platform to another level.

It is of course worth pointing out that there are 2 x Quick Guides, one for clinicians / parents and the other for players.  They are very similar but the clinician / parent version addresses how to set up multiple players on the platform.  Again, it is worth noting here that when Lusio HQ sets accounts up for the first time they are done so as either a Clinician / Parent or Player account.

We also have an excellent in depth demo video, which complements the Quick Guide very well, especially for those people who prefer to learn or familiarise themselves with something new by doing it and / or with visual cues.

Once a new subscriber has reached a level of familiarity with the platform from self-discovery and following the Quick Guide then it is again strongly recommended that a training session is booked in with Lusio HQ.  This is when comfort, familiarisation and proper tailoring to exact needs can be further established and enhanced.  If you have never booked in for a training and / or you feel you could benefit from some extra training with the platform then please book in for a session today via the following link here.

We would welcome any feedback on the Quick Guide and / or the training via whatever means suit you best. 

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In the meantime look out for regular emails from us with Tips, Hints and general motivation to play, as we look to step up our game in helping all of you to get the absolute most out of the LusioMATE platform.

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