LusioMATE Championing Adherence


Our experience at Lusio Rehab is that the challenge to drive adherence to therapy is a universal one. Whether talking to a Physio or OT in a clinic, or a Rehab Case Manager in an insurance company, we hear the same concern being expressed.



From its original focus to motivate the achievement of movement goals through fun and engaging gameplay, LusioMATE has evolved into becoming a holistic solution to the problem of adherence.  Yes, motivation to achieve a movement goal is a critical part of the magic needed to drive overall adherence but we quickly learnt that there was much more needed.

 On deeper study, it quickly becomes very clear that the reasons as to why people adhere or not to PT programs are both complex and varied. A 2020 paper published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy undertook a scoping review to consolidate existing knowledge on the barriers and facilitators to adherence to exercise therapy programs in youth with MSK conditions.  Its findings are fascinating and whilst they have informed a great deal of the recent LusioMATE ecosystem development, in terms of addressing the barriers to create facilitators within the ecosystem, we are also acutely aware that a true solution to adherence must involve a very individualistic approach to each player’s therapy program

LusioMATE is the development of a PT ecosystem that both looks to address the common themes relating to therapy adherence but at the same time maintains a flexibility within to be able to be whatever it needs to be for each individual Player.

The report identified 11 themes relating to therapy adherence as follows:

Beliefs ** Physical Characteristics ** Psychological Characteristics ** Physical Environment ** Social Environment ** Time ** Program Details ** Patient Engagement ** Experience During Exercise ** Reinforcement ** Goals


Let’s look more closely at some of these themes and how LusioMATE helps to overcome them.



A cited barrier in this area was that of ‘Understanding the purpose of exercise (lack of)’. 

In LusioMATE it’s encouraged that Movement Goals are named, with the idea being that they are functional, purposeful and have meaning for the individual.


Physical Environment

This theme highlights the complexities, with locations such as Pool and Home being cited as both a barrier and a facilitator in different studies.

Again however we believe that LusioMATE’s flexibility can work perfectly here.  Its small portable size can make it work for the individual. 

If Home is a facilitator for them then LusioMATE is the perfect PT aid as it really can be used anywhere, anytime.  If Home is a barrier for the individual then they can explore other places or spaces in which to do their therapy, safe in the knowledge that LusioMATE can be used anywhere there is an internet connection.

Social Environment

Family involvement was cited in many studies as a facilitator to PT program adherence and we’re passionate about encouraging family and / or friends to take part in LusioMATE therapy time whenever possible.  The platform allows for an unlimited amount of Players to be set up, making it easy for all to get involved, and future developments of the tech will also further enhance the sense of community and competition.



Time constraints were often mentioned in studies and of course we all understand that in many aspects of our lives.  

LusioMATE helps address this enormous barrier again through it’s small portable size meaning that it can be taken anywhere and used anytime, but also through the fun and engaging gameplay that lies at the core of the platform.  The games and features are a motivator to play making it easier to find the time for the PT exercise.


Experience During Exercise

Boredom during exercise and Enjoyment of exercise (lack of) were common barriers cited whilst Competition and Enjoyment of Exercise were common facilitators, particularly Enjoyment of Exercise.  

Once again the core of the LusioMATE platform of fun and engaging gameplay addresses these barriers and facilitators simultaneously. 

Whether it be the excitement of escaping the clutches of the wolf in Lusio Jumpy Rabbit for our youngest players, or the thrill of racing in Lusio Rolling Ball 3D for our most senior players, there is fun and engagement for everyone within the suite of Lusio games on the platform.



Feedback on exercises (lack of) is seen as a barrier to adherence whilst Positive feedback, Rewards and Clinician checking in are all seen as facilitators.

 The real time feedback within the LusioMATE platform is very powerful in terms of giving the Player an immediate understanding of how well they are performing / executing their Movement Goal. 

In-app Trophy Rewards provide instant reward levels for Players as they achieve their daily / session Movement Goal and the remote monitoring functionality gives clinicians every opportunity to play their part in helping their client to adhere to the agreed PR program.


Goal Setting

This clearly comes through a number of studies marked as a facilitator and is a fundamental part of the LusioMATE ecosystem. Movement Goals is the name given to any prescribed therapy goal in the platform and the emphasis is on making them functional and relevant to the Player. 

Name the goal according to the functional movement outcome that the therapy is looking to achieve; Drink a Coffee, Bike Brakes and Put on Shorts are just three of the many functional Movement Goal titles we have seen on the platform.

There is no doubt in our minds that adherence is a significant barrier to successful physical therapy outcomes; if not the biggest barrier.  It is front and centre in our thinking at every step of our product road map, and we are continually using our lived experience to inform ways in which we can help facilitate adherence.

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