Quick Setup

Please follow the Seven Steps below to easily and smoothly get set up for FUN therapy game play on the LusioMATE platform. 

This will set you up using a Right Wrist Extension Flexion Movement Goal and one of the original and all-time player favourite games - Lusio Basketball

If a Right Wrist Extension Flexion is not suitable or possible for you, you can easily follow these steps but use a different Movement Goal, more suitable for your situation.



The beauty of LusioMATE is that all you need is your super portable pack - Lusio Sensors and straps - a Lusio Account and a smart device. 

Your login details for both your Admin Account (and Player Account if you are not a clinician / therapist Lusio client) should be in your email inbox.  If you can’t find them then contact us at letsplay@lusiorehab.com or on 1300 1 LUSIO.

If you forget your password use this link.




So we recommend starting first with one of our favourite original games Lusio Basketball, and the rest of this guide will walk through getting set up to play with that game.

1. Make sure Bluetooth is switched On on your iOS or Android device.

2. Download the Lusio Basketball game from one of the links below:

3. IMPORTANT -  When you first open the App you will see a message asking you to allow Bluetooth to connect to your Lusio Sensors.  You must click OK. You will also receive a message asking you to give permission for Push Notifications.  Again you must click Allow. 


4. Login using your Admin Account which we set up for you already and will be in the email we sent you: SUBJECT - Your LusioMATE’s Arrived.


Check the video below to see how to login.


Clinicians / Therapists - at this point you will need to create a Player Account, either for one of your clients or for yourselves to test.  Watch the How to Create a New Player video here before moving on.

Parents/ Carers / Individuals - at this point you can proceed to the next step by clicking on the Player Account that we have already set up for you - as in the screenshot below.







Follow the video below where we guide you through setting up a Right Wrist Extension Flexion exercise, in preparation for playing your first game of Lusio Basketball. 





Once you have set up your Movement Goal, selected a difficulty level and hit Play, you’ll get to the Devices screen.  This is where we get the Lusio Sensors ready for FUN gameplay.  Check the video below and it’ll walk you through what you need to do. 





When you have Calibrated your Lusio Sensors you are ready to place them, according to the Movement Goal that you are looking to work on.  We are looking at a Right Wrist Extension Flexion exercise here, ready to play Lusio Basketball.

Follow the video below and you’ll have the Lusio Sensors ready to start playing in no time.






The final step before you start to play is called Position Setup - and remember don’t worry this will soon become second nature to you and be taking you no time at all.  There are two ways to set up the Movement Goal - Automatic and Manual.

The video below will show you both ways.  Often times Automatic is the easiest way to get set up, but when the particular Movement Goal is more challenging , the Manual method can be preferred. 

Follow the video below and you’ll be playing in no time at all.







Now that all the above steps have been followed you really are all set to start playing and working on your Movement Goals.  Below is a short demo video of a Right Wrist Extension Flexion exercise playing Lusio Basketball.  The difficulty setting is Easy and it will show you exactly what to expect, and how to play.  

Have a watch now!


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