Quick guide for Clinicians


  1. What do we need?
  2. Using LusioHub
  3. Running Lusio games
  4. Placing LusioMATEs on the body
  5. Registering movement 


Your account should be emailed to you, if you can't find it, contact your clinician or us at letsplay@lusiorehab.com.


Download LusioHub from one of the below links: 

For Apple iOS devices         For Android devices

Install it and log in using your account details, then navigate to "Register a new client":



  Register a new client:



The system creates a "default prescription" for all the new clients, so you can just jump to the next step from here, or...  


... If you'd like to see how to create new prescriptions, continue by finding the new client on the list to create a new prescription:


Create a new prescription:



Back to the main screen, pick a game and click on it:



It takes you to the App/Play Store to download the game. Before you run it make sure your Bluetooth (and on Android devices, the location) is on.

Run the game and log in using your clinician account:
Check the client list and select one:
Start by selecting a difficulty level:
* You can browse all of your prescription gamins using the 2 arrow keys on the left and the right side
If you didn't turn on you LusioMATEs, this would come up:
Turn them on and wait until the lights become stable-green. Connecting for the very first time can take longer, just give it a few minutes and wait! 
When your connection is solid, click on the "Play" button to continue:


Before putting LusioMATEs on your body, calibrate its sensors:


Watch this video:


Insert LusioMATEs into loop straps:





To start, let's put it on the wrist (just as an example*):

  *LusioMATEs can attach ANY part of the body and detects ALL its movements. This wrist placement is just an example.


On the set positions screen, click on "Automatic":


Now repeat a movement for a few times until it detects and learns it:  

Watch this video:  

 Now you are ready to go ...