LusioMATE's User Manual

Product Overview


LusioMATE is an ecosystem of a wearable device, therapy gaming platform, and a clinician dashboard. LusioMATE is made for players of almost any level of mobility and for any part of the body. It enables players to play games designed to stimulate, engage and create motivation for movement. Imagine a Physio in your pocket.

LusioMATE can be played anywhere, anytime and by people of almost any age. Carers, players, and clinicians can log in via any device to access a dashboard and check on achievements and progress.

It's available on Android and iOS mobiles and tablets and if you connect them to your TV (using a cable or a casting device) then it will be available on a big screen too. 



Table of contents:

  1. Download and install LusioHub
  2. Download and install Lusio games
  3. Connecting to your LusioMATEs
  4. Calibrating LusioMATEs
  5. Prescription gaming
  6. LusioMATE's placement 
  7. Set start and end positions
  8. Lusoi games' features
  9. Play on a big screen (TV, monitors, etc.)
  10. Lusio Hub and games for clinicians
  11. FAQ




Let's get started 


  • 1 - Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  • 2 - Turn on your "Bluetooth"
    • If you use iOS 12, check out this article
    • If you use Android, turn on the "Location" as well.
* How to turn on Bluetooth and location on an android device



  •  3 - Download and open the Lusio Hub
* Lusio Hub page at  google play store on an Android device - for iOS devices, check the apple store device



  • 4 - Login to the app using your email and password (We usually send your account details to your email, so please check your email if you don't remember it!)

If you log in as a Player, you see something like below - (for clinicians, the app looks a little different)



  • 5 - Click on any game you like to play.

If it's the first time you have played, the app will direct you to the game store to download. If you are returning Player, the game will load.

* Lusio Basketball page at google play store on an Android device device





Running the first Lusio Game

  • After you installed the game, open it and Login (use the same account details as before)

 You will see your active Prescription Gaming:

That's it! Let's get ready to Play

You need to connect LusioMATE devices and put them on the body...






Connecting to LusioMATE's



  • 1 - Turn on LusioMATE sensors and wait until it's connected.
    • Before all, make sure your Bluetooth and location are on!
    • On the sensors, you will see blue, redgreen and again red light respectfully - Red means waiting for the connection.
    • If after these lights you see purple, it means your sensor is low-battery!


  • 2 - Both Sensors will turn to green when they are connected
    • If after connecting, it's flashing green, means it's low-battery!


Note that:

  • It may take up to 2 minutes, but finally, the app would find and connect to the sensors.
  • If it doesn't connect, make sure your Bluetooth is ON and Wifi is connected!
  • Each time you close the app it's disconnected. So if you run the app on the same device as you are reading this manual, each time you come here to check the manual and back to the app you need to wait and reconnect again.
  • If you see any other colours, reset your LusioMATEs and if it repeats, contact Lusio at


After you connected to the devices, you need to calibrate them, 

It's very easy! See the next step of this manual to find out how! 





Calibrating LusioMATE's


  • LusioMATE sensors are very accurate and sensitive. it's better to calibrate them each time you start playing.
  • To calibrate them, when both sensors are connected and the lights are green, You need to move sensors around in the air Just like this:


Note that:

  • Each time you come out from a game it's disconnectedSo if you run a game on the same device as you are reading this manual, each time you come here to check the manual and back to the game, you need to wait to reconnect again!




Let's select a goal


  • Browse your Prescriptions Gaming and select the one you'd like to do today:


  • If you'd like to see more information about your prescription gaming, device placement and movement, click on the prescription image:

Note that:

  • You can add, delete or amend your personal goals and Prescription Gaming at any time. 
  • This is can be done with the help of your Physio Therapist, Occupational Therapist or by yourself.






Device Placement


  • Open the Prescription Gaming details window, and check the correct device placement:


  • See how to use Lusio straps:


  • If you need to extend the length of the straps, see this:


Note that:

  • Ensure the LusioMATEs are positioned around only one joint. 
  • You can put LusioMATEs on physio devices, like a wobble board. Anywhere you use it, pay attention you need to create 2 different angles between 2 sensors for start and end positions






Time to play a game!


  • After you put LusioMATE devices on the body, Click on a game difficulty button you like to play:

  •  It takes you to the final step before laying: setting positions!


Continue to the next step to see how to set them and start playing!






Setting Positions and Movement


  • Before you start playing, you need to select a start and an end (or target) position using related buttons on the set positions window:
  • If your registered positions expired, this window appears automatically, otherwise, the game lets you play using your previous registered position.


  • These positions should be at the start and end of the movement you need to do according to your current prescription gaming™


Take a look at these examples to learn more: 

  • Example 1
    • Game: Basketball
    • Placement: Ankle 
    • Movement: Plantar-Dorsi Flexion 



  • Example 2
    • Game: Hockey
    • Placement: Fingers
    • Movement: Extension-Flexion 





There are some more examples here - but based on our previous version of the Lusio App! -  it worth it to take a look:


  • Example 3
    • Game: Steel Man
    • Placement: Elbow 
    • Movement: Extension-Flexion 



  • Example 4
    • Game: Egg farm frenzy
    • Placement: Knees 
    • Movement: Extension-Flexion 
    • (based on an old version of Lusio app)


  • Example 5
    • Game: Pop Pop
    • Placement: Wrist 
    • Movement: Extension-Flexion 
    • (based on an old version of Lusio app)






Pausing the game


During the playing, if you feel you need to change the start and end positions, you can pause the game:


This could be a very useful option when you are playing!  






Check your best records

and trophies


On the main page, you can see more details about your previous scores:

  • You can see your best score for each Prescription Gaming™ on the top of each difficulty button.
  • Also, you can see your daily goal (target playing time) for each Prescription.
  • If you hit your target you get the gold trophy! (There are silver and bronze trophies as well for fewer activities)
  • You can also see your trophy history for the previous 7 days.

 There's nothing better than getting a personal best, but ensure that you focus on the correct movement.







 How to get on a big screen?


Playing Lusio games on a big screen can be more fun, there are several ways to have them on TV, but it depends on what smartphone you are using:



  •  Apple phones (iPhones and iPads)
1 - (Recommended) Wired connection using a Lightning HD TV HDMI AV Adapter Cable

2 - Wireless connection using AppleTV


  • Android smartphones:
(this includes Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Alcatel, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia, Motorola ... Well, it means all but Apple phones!)
1- (Recommended) Wireless connection using Google Chromecast
This is a really good option, Chromecast is affordable (less than $60AUD) and it's very easy to use. The way it works is it just projects whatever you see on your mobile screen on to your TV, very simple! The only point is you need to use a Wi-Fi connection to connect internet and Chromecast (so wired connection or mobile hotspot don't work)
There are other Wireless casting devices on the market as well, We haven't tested them so we don't know if they work well with Lusio games or not. If you try any of them and are satisfied, let us know to recommend others :)  
2 - Wired connection using MHL Cable or SlimPort cable
Nearly all TVs have the HDMI input and all smartphones have a USB port, so technically we just need an adapter to connect USB to HDMI.MHL and Slimport are designed to do this for us. But there are limited models of phones and tablets on the market that actually support these technologies. so before buying a Slimport or MHL cable, be sure your smart device supports it (Check here for MHL and here for Slimport).







LusioHub for Clinicians


If you log in as a clinician to the LusioHub app this is what you see: 




You can view all clients:


You can Check all prescription gaming and activities:







Lusio Games for Clinicians


Clinicians can log in to any Lusio games using their clinician account (the email address that you use for login to LusioHub) and see their client's list. you can use this feature when visiting your clients at your office. In this way, you don't need to log out and log in for each client. to change the player, just click on the little man icon on the right side of the screen to see your client list and pick another player.











How can I get help if I had any difficulties in using LusioMATE?

Contact Lusio technology service centre


Can I play games without any prescription?

Yes, there is a default empty prescription for any free movement in your account, but it is highly recommended to contact your physio or OT and let them prescribe exercise and check your progress.



How my physio or OT can help me use LusioMATE?

Your clinicians can have access to the lusio dashboard and create prescriptions and check your progress. You can send us your clinician's contact details so we will arrange a demo for them.



Does NDIS cover the LusioMATE cost?

Yes, LusioMATE is an NDIS approved product and you can claim using our NDIS provider ID: 4050 026 071



Are there any other games to play?

The current version 15+ games, but we have many games in development, multiplayer is also on its way. Please get in touch with any ideas and feedback as we build the ecosystem further for Prescription Gaming. 

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