LusioMATE and Cleaning

General Cleaning

Essentially, the straps can be sprayed or washed at home to keep them clean.  The hardware/sensors can also be cleaned with disinfectant wipes or spray.

Additional sets of straps can also be purchased - and for Australian customers this can be paid for via the NDIS as a low cost consumable.

Infection Control & LusioMATE

Excellent infection prevention and control is now even more crucial than ever, so here at Lusio Rehab we wanted to share some information about how you can ensure excellent infection control practices while using LusioMATE in your clinic between a number of patients during the day, and also when providing LusioMATE to patients for home use for longer periods.

LusioMATE can easily fit into your existing infection control practices as the sensors are made of hard plastic and can be wiped between patients using whichever hard surface wipes you already use clinically.

We would always suggest that ideally the straps are used on a single patient use basis as a ‘Gold Standard’ to reduce any chance of cross infection, and they are all machine washed at the end of the day.  Just treat them as you would treat slide sheets or other fabric equipment.

Some clinics are happy to wipe fabric equipment between patients and if that is your policy then of course you can continue to do that!

If you are providing LusioMATE and straps for a patient’s home use as part of a LusioMATE home rehabilitation programme, the straps can be machine washed when they are returned to you at the end of the patient’s programme/when discharged from your service and then re-used for another patient.

To support our customers being able to ensure rigorous infection control and reduce potential cross infection, we can easily provide additional sets of straps for a small fee and can also provide bundles of sets for clinics at a further discounted rate. We can also provide additional cases to replace any soiled or dirty cases, or if you would prefer to replace the cases in between patients when LusioMATE is being used at home.

This information should never replace your existing infection control policy/practice but will guide you how to use your LusioMATEs within your existing practice. For more information about purchasing additional straps and / or cases please see our Accessories page here

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