Lusio Videos



LusioMATE Intro:


Clinicians using LusioMATE:

Habit-ile intensive rehab at CPA
CPA Clinicians Testimonial
Training session, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Tuggerah
Training session, Beyond Boundaries, Newcastle
Training session, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Prairiewood 


Families using LusioMATE:

Ollie playing with LusioMATE at home
SuperCale playing with LusioMATE at home


How to use LusioMATE

The video below shows a variety of wrist exercise movements, playing a few different LusioMATE games, including Basketball and Mountain Bicycle.
Below you will find more videos showcasing the kinds of movement exercises you can do, and where you can place the LusioMATE sensors.  There really is no limit to the types of exercises you can do, and all of them can be done playing any one of the many fun LusioMATE games.


Here is an instructional video for the LusioMATE Raccoon Rescue game.
Below are link to more instructional videos to LusioMATE games:



Lusio Team

Interview with Chris

Interview with Ricky and Armin (LusioMATE inventor)
Interview with Justin (Lusio Director)
After Habit-ile intensive rehab at CPA:
Chris testing a new invention




LusioMATE virtual demo


Also, visit Lusio Rehab YouTube channel here