Lusio videos



LusioMATE Intro:


Clinicians using LusioMATE

Habit-ile intensive rehab at CPA:
CPA Clinicians Testimonial
Training session, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Tuggerah
Training session, Beyond Boundaries, Newcastle
Training session, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Prairiewood 


Families using LusioMATE

Ollie playing with LusioMATE at home
SuperCale playing with LusioMATE at home


How to use LusioMATE

Setting up LusioMATE (wrist example)Find more examples here: 


A Lusio Raccoon Rescue game instructional videoMore instructional videos:



Lusio Team

Interview with Chris (Lusio CEO)

Interview with Ricky and Armin (LusioMATE inventor)
Interview with Justin (Lusio Director)
After Habit-ile intensive rehab at CPA:
Chris testing a new invention




LusioMATE virtual demo


Also, visit Lusio Rehab Youtube channel here