How to Use LusioMATE 'Offline'


LusioMATE can be used offline with 3 of the original Lusio games available - Lusio Basketball, Lusio Egg Farm and Lusio Steel Man.

The offline accessibility is perfect for those occasions when your internet connection is not so good, and it is also part of our lifetime availability commitment that we give when buying the LusioMATE hardware outright.  If you decide not to renew the LusioMATE Software License, you are still able to access FUN and engaging game play for your physical therapy, via the offline availability.

Remember though, with the LusioMATE Software License you get access to all the games on the platform, all upgrades, all new games, customer support and real time data.


So How to Access Offline?

It's really very simple.  At the login screen on your LusioMATE App please enter offline in to the Email field and then hit login as you would normally.

To see how to go through the App to play a game in offline mode watch the short video below.



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