Welcome to the EML and Lusio Rehab Pilot Program


  • LusioMATE is a physical therapy ecosystem App, with wearable sensors connected to exergames that motivate individuals via tailormade exercise programs prescribed by clinicians. 

  • Non adherence to home exercise programs is shown to increase the risk of recurrent injury and result in less positive outcomes long term.

  • Through gamification and rewards the program aims to motivate you to perform regular exercise from home and return to full health.

  • If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Lusio Rehab directly to discuss in more detail: letsplay@lusiorehab.com 


    This innovative new rehab program that EML is piloting with Lusio Rehab is an opportunity for you to use emerging technology in partnership with your physical therapy team.  Your rehab program will become a fun, motivating and engaging one thanks to a variety of game options, and your physical therapy team will be able to monitor your progress and amend your plan remotely.

    Please take a look at the short demo video of LusioMATE and should you wish to take part in the pilot program, simply complete the online Sign Up form via the link below.


    EML and Lusio Rehab Pilot Program Referral Form

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