Lusio Rolling Ball 3D

Wooshka!  This one is going to get the heart racing.  Rolling Ball is super fast paced with players seeking to control the ball as it hurtles through the illuminated cityscape.  3D skyscrapers loom up at you on each side but you can't let them distract you from the task in hand; collect the blue diamonds and build that score to get yourself to the top of the board!  Oh, and did we say there are plenty of obstacles to avoid on the way through too!!

Like all Lusio Rehab games, we think Rolling Ball can be suitable for all kinds of physical therapy movements, as prescribed by clinicians or as required.  We particularly think it would be great for weight shifting, hip abduction, shoulder abduction, ulnar radial deviation, and pronation supination.

Check out the video to see how the game plays and then rush over to the App Store or Google Play to download it and get playing.

Good luck players.




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