NEW for 2021 - Lusio Caveman and Lusio Neon Drift

Lusio Caveman

This is a FUN and engaging game for players of ALL ages, turning you into a hunter gatherer as a Flintstones style caveman looking to collect coloured gems to stash in your cave. The gems cascade down from the sky encased in massive boulders, and appear outside your cave to collect once the boulders have crashed into the ground. Of course, should your Lusio Cave Man get hit by one of the falling boulders then things are not so cool and you lose a life; let it happen three times and that’s over.

It’s not just collectable gems that the boulders leave behind however; other times lifeforce shields and turbo boosters are left there to help the Lusio Cave Man in his quest. The lifeforce shield means you can tackle the falling boulders head on and come away unscathed, whilst the turbo boost...well...turbo boosts you!! You didn’t need us to tell you that of course…’ve played enough games to know how these things work.

With the standard Lusio platform difficulty levels - EASY MEDIUM HARD - the game play gets a lot more challenging to suit your needs. In the harder levels, the boulders can smash to pieces at the entrance of the cave, making it impossible for the Lusio Cave Man to stash the gems until the rocky debris has cleared.

Finally, there are lots of levels, with bright and exotic graphics, and even better, as you collect more gems, you can spend them on buying other characters to play the game with.


This game strikes a good balance between requiring players to HOLD a POSITION and complete REPS. This really is a universal game where you are required to hold the relevant body part/limb in situ to keep Lusio Cave Man walking right or left but because the distance he is covering is short there is equal requirement to complete reps whilst playing too.

Knee raises, mid squat, sit to stand exercises, supination pronation, extension flexion of any limb and shoulder, or hip abductions can all work really well with Lusio Cave Man.


Lusio Neon Drift

This is something very new to the LusioMATE platform and the first thing that’ll hit you is the crazy cool colour scheme! Neon is not in the title for nothing, as you will see with your screen awash with neon pink, lilac, bright yellow and a deep ocean blue. And then there is the glow emanating from the big blue circles, which form such a fundamental part of the game play.

Lusio Neon Drift is an endurance game and a very solid challenge for any player. If you ever wondered what it might be like to drive a car on a skid pan, then wonder no more! On taking control of the neon pink car, the aim of the game is to drive as many miles as possible before running out of fuel. Miles I hear you cry! It’s’s Americana… what do you expect?

To keep the fuel tanks full you’ve got to drive around the circles as you approach them; it sounds easy, but it will challenge you, guaranteed!! The movement bar at the bottom of the screen, which will be familiar to all Lusio game players, is where you see how you are controlling the car. At each end, as you can see in the image above, is an area marked ‘Drift’ and this is where the magic happens, and your pink neon car starts to skid or drift in the direction it’s turning. Get it right and It’s what can get you round the circle and on to the next one, but just as easily you’ll end up in all sorts of trouble as you drift out of control into some far flung corner of your screen.

With the standard Lusio platform difficulty levels - EASY MEDIUM HARD - the game play gets a lot more challenging to suit your needs.


This is a solid game for all ranges of movement. Players can control the drift via extension flexion, abduction, pronation, supination, dorsiflex, the list goes on.

We can also see existing equipment such as wobble boards as a great way to play and working toward movement goals with Lusio Neon Drift.

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