There is No Age Limit to FUN Rehab

Lusio Rehab started designing fun video games mainly for the habilitation of children and adults with disabilities. This method allows children to gain movement functionality in a fun way and enjoy their therapy sessions from home. We are now exploring, rehab and maintenance programs for acquired injury and the elderly;

This article by Lynne Minion, written in last September, shows that the use of technologies and especially video games in the medical field can also be beneficial for the elderly. Indeed, they often have health problems due to their age and can sometimes have difficulties to move to the doctor.

This method can therefore allow them to get a beneficial treatment from home, without the need to be monitored by a therapist, using video games in the same way as children, but specially designed for their age and the health problems concerned. These games are called "serious games".

Studies have been conducted to demonstrate their effectiveness in this age group and the results obtained were rather positive.

This article echoes our belief that the use of video games can really be beneficial in physiotherapy, to treat life long or acquired disabilities at any age !

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