Exercise Intensity Levels Up with Gaming

There are many scientific studies claiming to prove that it is important for people with disabilities to practice daily numerous physical movements to stimulate their motor functions.

We love this Oxford Academy paper (by Maxime Robert, Laurent Ballaz, Raphael Hart, Martin Lemay) confirming the benefits of playing computer games as a good way to create motivation to move, (in this case) for children with Cerebral Palsy. It asserts that computer games can encourage children to do many repetitions of movements without being bored. This movement leads to rehabilitation.

Clinicians do an amazing job at motivating their clients and many are looking for new tools to have the biggest impact they can. We can all imagine how boring it could be for a child (or anyone for that matter) to repeat the same basic movement many times a day. Children need to have fun. So why not combine both the exercise and computer games in order to allow these children to enjoy their habilitation? This is the aim of Lusio Technology and our first product LusioMATE.

By Lucie Gonzalez (Guest blogger and researcher)

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