"We can all do good work that matters"

We love this inspiring article from Roland Naufal who advises organizations to "work with their compass and ditch the map". He supports the thought of Seth Godin “we can all do good work that matters” and we totally agree with that.

It is sometimes difficult in an organization to impose ideas because some members are afraid of change, are worried about what might happen next and therefore do not agree to implement something new that they do not necessarily believe. Moreover, many organizations seem to have their heads down instead of setting high targets placed in a goal of continuous improvement, which can be an obstacle to their development.

Also, the management methods used within an organization are not always the best. And, as Roland puts it, the internal drivers, trust and commitment are the key things that motivate people. [...] I firmly believe managers need to do their best to win hearts and minds and genuinely engage everyone in change. If you want your organisation to change and survive in the NDIS, you need to tap into each person’s moral compass.”

Moreover, we live in a very connected world. We can all follow and develop our own ideas, find the answers to our questions and set up solutions without having to follow a set of instructions we receive from higher up. We think it is important to believe in ourselves and be open-minded enough to try different ways of working to adopt the best. It is also important not to be afraid of the consequences because anxiety tends to block the creativity and efficiency of the work provided. And above all, it's important to ask ourselves a lot of questions and to have big discussions about it.

This is what we are trying to put into practice at Lusio. We would like to encourage technology and medical industries to change their habits and work together to achieve better results. We regularly ask ourselves a lot of questions and try to answer them by looking for these interesting articles that we take pleasure in sharing with you on the blog. We are convinced that our concept is the fruit of an excellent initial idea but we still have a lot to learn to make this fruit ripen.

By Lucie Gonzalez (Guest Blogger and Researcher)
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