NDIS Costs are on Track but More Support Needed for Children

Let’s have a look at this article written by Helen Dickinson which deals with an interesting topic on the NDIS: the needs and the costs.

According to several reports, more and more patients require the support of NDIS, which creates financial demand and a decline in the quality of the medical services offered, sometimes leading to poor clinical results. In addition, there is a lack of care providers, probably because of poor cost control.
  • The Australian Government states: “The report concludes that if the scheme is to achieve its objectives there needs to be a better balance between participant intake, the quality of plans, participant outcomes, and financial sustainability.”

    The NDIS, ambitions, seems to be trying to do what is necessary to adapt to the situation and help children with disabilities 

    In the meantime, other solutions may be possible for families with a dependent child with a disability. Including companies like Lusio Rehab, specialising in the habilitation of children through the use of video games. The costs are low and the results speak for themselves.

    By Lucie Gonzalez (Guest Blogger and Researcher)
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