App Development Paper Published

An insightful paper on App development for children with disabilities entitled...

Intervention Mapping of a Gamified Therapy Prescription App for Children With Disabilities: User-Centered Design Approach

After reading the paper, Head of Tech at Lusio Rehab, Armin Songhori, commented:

'Our system basically followed the same principles, but we gamify activities very differently! We gamify 'doing correct movement'. We don't rely on user reports as we can measure their activities using our sensors.'


The development of our tech is a constant work in progress as we gather the feedback from the Lusio Family - families, individuals and clinicians alike.  We refer to this internally as the symbiotic relationship between the developer the user and the therapist - you can read more on this in the article written by Lusio Rehab CEO and Co-Founder Justin Keenan - see link below.


When asked what the tech development team could learn from this article, Armin was very candid in his response:

'We definitely can learn from this research to improve our system, like providing videos to explain correct exercises/movement or adding another layer of gamification, on top of ours, to play with 'achievements' or 'constancy in doing exercises' etc. Using animal avatars for children is another nice idea too.'


 As always keep watching this space for developments in our tech and for a deeper dive in to the article you can read it in its entirety via the link below.

Published by JMIR Publications you can read the full paper here.


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