The Advantages of Healthcare Adopting New Technologies

I love this article that tackles: “Healthcare Technology is changing fast, but maybe not as quickly as we would hope. Is 2018 the year health systems and insurance companies decide that they can no longer wait for the slow decline and jump on the software technology bandwagon?” I see many of the observations here applying to Lusio technology and whilst we are lucky to have very early support from clinicians at the likes of CPA, we also believe many hospitals and clinical organizations still have problems that could be solved through the use of technology tools. How ?

Rick Hammer, with over 20 years of experience in analyzing issues and implement initiatives to ensure continuous process improvements, higher customer satisfaction and increased company growth, explains in this article the advantages that the various technological tools could bring to the medical field for both patients and physicians. Some are already used by several doctors, others are being implemented :

  • Improvements in patient access and lower wait times for patients
  • Improved revenues for health systems and lower costs
  • The recording of computer data can report the precise state of the patient's health (no need to rely on the patient's "how he feels"), the effectiveness of the treatment, and the evolution of the disease
  • The informatic data collected allows monitoring and showing the progression of a disease from distance
  • Automation avoids human error
  • More accurate medicine can provide personalized treatment for patients and decrease undesired side effects
  • Clinicians can grow their business and earn more money
  • Adaptability can improve patient outcomes

Moreover, since the evolution of phones and computers, many mobile applications have been created in the field of health. But Rick Hammer highlights : “patients are using technology to engage with their health, though providers could do more to support the effort.” That’s the reason why Lusio Rehab is trying to innovate in the technological field for clinicians and for patients. We are committed to boosting to the health industries tech capability so that doctors and patients can benefit from an inexpensive and effective experiences.

By Lucie Gonzalez (Guest Blogger and Researcher)
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