Remarkable Design-athon

Remarkable’s mission is to develop tech and innovation that drives the inclusion of people with disability, and this year they're inviting you to take part in their Design-athon!  Team Lusio is honoured to be able to help promote the Design-athon, as Remarkable holds a very special place in the history of Lusio.  

Lusio’s Remarkable History

For those that don’t know, Lusio Rehab was selected into Cohort 2 back in 2017 for the Remarkable Disability-Tech Accelerator.  Not only was it an incredible journey for us as individuals, but, more importantly, it proved to be fundamental in navigating the road from small scale idea to a fully fledged LusioMATE that we see today.  LusioMATE owes an incredible amount to the team at Remarkable and we are only too happy to do our little bit in getting their excellent message out to the community.

So what is Design-athon?

This Design-athon is a 4 week immersive online challenge that invites budding entrepreneurs to solve problems identified by our community using an inclusive design methodology.  It brings together designers, developers, creatives, entrepreneurs, students, people with disability, and disability service professionals to create inclusive solutions in a four-week event.  There is a choice of three challenges to take on and through which to learn for yourselves how good design can change lives for people with disability.


Challenge #1 - Remote Service and Support - How to increase access to, and effectiveness of service and support, for people who can’t get them face to face.

Challenge #2 - Tech for those in Care - How might we empower those receiving supported care (small group homes or independent living) to live their best life with each and every support staff aligned to their goals, aspirations and desires?

Challenge #3 - Inclusive Esports - How to enable greater inclusion and access to eSports for people with disability.

This online event runs from 7 to 29 October 2020* and all successful applicants have a chance to gain funding to invest back into their solution.

You can apply as an individual or a team and applications close on Tuesday 22 September 2020. To learn more and apply head to,

*Participants can expect to spend approximately 8 hours per week on the Design-athon.

So if you have an idea of your own, or you know someone else who does get yourselves over to the Design-athon site and get registered.

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