Offline Gaming Functionality is Here

Technical challenges and issues are a constant in any tech development space and it requires innovation and adaptation to get around them.  Working with the wonderful Grace Hartono from in Indonesia we have looked at how to develop offline versions of LusioMATE games to improve the experience for her customers with poor internet coverage. 


We focussed on the 3 classic Lusio games Basketball, Steelman and Jumpy Rabbit, and, as you can see from the delight on Grace's face pictured, those 3 games are now available to play offline.

What we have found also, is that here in Australia internet connectivity can also be an issue, particularly in hospitals and / or Occupational and Physiotherapy clinics.  We can only imagine that this situation would crop up in other areas of the world too.  The response where this is the case has been super positive, and we are extremely pleased that it is removing another barrier to clients gaining access to FUN physical therapy and the motivation needed to achieve their daily movement and rehab goals.

To be able to access the LusioMATE games mentioned above, when in an area with no internet coverage, you need to use the following login details:

User: offline

Password: abc2020

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