New Improved Lusio Bear’s Quest

Although it has been a favourite since its original launch the feedback had always been that Lusio Bear’s Quest was a little lacking from a game play perspective.  As fun as bouncing the bears off the fires and snapping up the blue crystals was, there just wasn’t enough of them!!  Well not anymore, as the Lusio Game Team have added 2 new levels to the game, with a whopping 1005 more blue crystals to collect.  With only 49 crystals in the original version of the game, you can quickly see what a big development this is in game play.

Brand Ambassador's Verdict

We asked Lusio Brand Ambassador Arran Keith to play the game and as always, he was more than happy to give us his feedback, both the good and the bad.  He told us he ‘loves the new levels and they are much quicker’ but he went on to say that he would ‘ like to see the fires sometimes push the Lusio Bear along a little more both forwards and backwards’.  Excellent feedback indeed and we will be taking that back to the Lusio Game Team and seeing what they can do.  Likewise we will welcome all feedback from players over the coming weeks on things that could still improve the game.  Hurry then to the App or Play stores and download or update Lusio Bear’s Quest and get playing the super new version.


How To Play

For those of you who have never played, or have forgotten how the game works.  You control one of the three Lusio Bears and use the fires to help you jump whilst on your mission to collect the blue crystals. It was developed to allow clients to complete exercises where they are required to hold a position, rather than focusing on the number of reps. This really is a universal game where you are required to hold the relevant body part/limb in situ to keep the bear walking right or left.

Knee raises, mid squat, sit to stand exercises, supination pronation, extension flexion of any limb and shoulder or hip abductions can all work really well with Lusio Bear's Quest.  The infamous Wobble Board has also been gamified by the Lusio Bears, as the game play translates perfectly for this equipment. And like all LusioMATE games, the name of the game is to motivate the movement through FUN game play.



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