Meet CoordiKids!

We are always excited when we stumble across a business doing great things.  This has never been more true than when we found Coordikids after a chance message exchange on a well known networking platform.

CoordiKids is an Australian based business that has developed a suite of online therapy courses designed to assist children who have developmental delays, learning disabilities, sensory integration dysfunction or hyperactivity disorders. 

The brainchild of Marga and Louis Grey, CoordiKids was born from a desire to help as many children as possible through easy and affordable intervention.  Marga has 40 years experience as a pediatric OT, specializing in sensory integration, developmental delays, learning and attention problems and Louis has a similar depth of experience in the business world.  When they put their heads together to determine how best to achieve their goal, it didn’t take long to arrive at the best option being OT support deliverable at home, in the classroom, anytime, anywhere.

As soon as we saw the courses and the ‘anytime, anywhere’ we knew that CoordiKids was a must for Lusio Rehab to connect with.  Such a wonderful shared vision of accessible, quality and affordable therapy aids surely meant that there were synergies between us that could be nurtured for the greater good of our respective and mutual communities.

It turns out too that CoordiKids, like Lusio Rehab, is an entirely remote team.  Marga and Louis, originally from South Africa, are now based in Brisbane, with team members in South Africa and New York, while Team Lusio can be found in Sydney, Iran, Armenia and London!

But most importantly, we share the same mission; to help people with their therapy.  LusioMATE is of course a physical therapy ecosystem created to entertain and motivate Players through their tailor made Physical Therapy programs.   CoordiKids courses are designed to help children all around the world to overcome developmental and learning challenges.

There is a Home Course for family use in the home, or of course anywhere the family might be, and which is also available through NDIS funding in Australia.  A Preschool Develop Sensory Motor Skills Course and a Classroom Movement Breaks Course, both of which are available to schools and institutions.  The courses can also be used by therapists in clinics as part of their OT programs.  All three courses are available on a monthly subscription basis and you can find more details on the CoordiKids website - see the link below.

We are looking forward to working closely with CoordiKids over the coming years and months; to share our experiences, and learn from each other as we continue on our respective journeys to make a positive difference in the lives of as many people as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about the courses and Coordikids in general then pop on over to their website.

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