The ALL NEW LusioMATE App !

First and foremost, from all at Team Lusio, we hope that your 2022 has got off to an excellent start!

As we hit February we are so incredibly thrilled to be announcing the most exciting LusioMATE upgrade news since we first launched 4 years ago.  

💥💥This week we have launched LusioMATE, the single all in one App!!💥💥


Up until now all the different Lusio games had to be downloaded as separate apps but not anymore!  Now, thanks to this huge development and step forward for us, all the games and all that you need to access the FUN and motivating LusioMATE physical therapy ecosystem is available via the one single new LusioMATE App.

Ever since LusioMATE launched in 2018 we’ve always listened to feedback from our clinician and client community and been committed to constantly improving the Therapist and Player experience on the platform.  We’re super confident that the new LusioMATE App is going to do exactly that and more!

So look out for more news from us on this exciting upgrade, in particular further updates to the new App which will make it an even better experience for you. And also, and perhaps more significantly, launches of new games!!  We have a number of new games waiting in the wings, the first of which will be released very very soon.

LusioMATE is a physical therapy ecosystem App with wearable sensors.  It connects to exergames that motivate individuals through tailormade exercise programs.  LusioMATE is designed to drive greater adherence to fine and gross motor physical therapy goals, both in clinic and as part of home therapy programs.  For more information on how LusioMATE can game change your physical therapy and / or rehab please Contact Us today.

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