LusioMATE teams up with Prodeo in the US.

Advanced Exergame Boosts Physical Therapy Adherence

My patients and I now find physical therapy to be FUN and nearly addictive!”


PRODEO™ is excited to introduce LusioMATE™ to the US Market.  LusioMATE is a product of Lusio Technologies, based in Sydney, Australia.

LusioMATE’s wearable rehabilitation device and physical therapy ecosystem motivate the achievement of movement goals, and drive adherence to PT programs in general, via a suite of FUN and engaging games suitable for all ages and capabilities. 

A unique benefit is the fact that LusioMATE can be used remotely by both patients and clinicians in the emerging areas of Telehealth and virtual care.   LusioMATE prompts, promotes, reinforces, and quantifies engagement, and game-driven exercises.

“We are delighted that we can now help patients, and their Physical and Occupational Therapists, achieve their physical therapy goals and better long-term outcomes in a rich and rewarding way through our innovative, cost-effective technology.” Justin Keenan, CEO, Lusio Technologies.

PRODEO, which specializes in the commercialization of disruptive digital health and brain health solutions in the US market, sees this breakthrough technology as the missing lever to drive desired outcomes while boosting both patient and clinician satisfaction.  

Mark Heinemeyer, CEO of PRODEO points out “Personalized exergaming is a hallmark of Lusio’s broad array of games and applications.”  

Lusio began their journey developing and providing advanced rehabilitation innovations for individuals living with Cerebral Palsy. They co-created LusioMATE organically, in the field, working directly with consumers/patients, their families and therapists.  From those early days, they have broadened their offering to include other brain health disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and Multiple Sclerosis. Beyond specific rehabilitation for patients with brain health disorders, they are solving the adherence challenge for those with musculoskeletal injuries, including athletes and those injured on the job. 

Effective psychological/motivation methodologies, such as gamification and digitization, are key to optimizing adherence for those struggling with the tough and generally tedious road of rehabilitation. Such injuries and the recovery process are often associated with depression, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, all of which undermine motivation and adherence to prescribed treatment,” noted Harris Eyre, MD, PhD, co-founder of the PRODEO Institute, a global advocacy group integrating brain health insights across the fields of technology, science, medicine, policy, economics, investing and diplomacy. The PRODEO Institute collaborates with leading health system and medical innovation groups around the world.   

The LusioMATE ecosystem is relevant to several conditions across the lifespan: 

Musculoskeletal - Autism - Chronic Pain - Aged Care - Spinal Injuries - Multiple Sclerosis - Weight Management/Fitness - Neuro Rehab - Cerebral Palsy 

PRODEO is seeking innovative US market leaders and invites the participation of advocates in this important movement.  If you are keen to be involved, please contact Ray Dracca -

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