Lusio Rehab YouTube Channel Launches

Lusio Rehab on the TV….well YouTube.  We’ve for a long time had a YouTube channel but if we’re honest it has sat fairly dormant whilst we have been so concentrated on developing the wonderful LusioMATE product which we‘re so proud of.  Well, after a bit of a spring clean and a touch of a re-vamp, we finally feel confident about launching it to the Lusio Family as well as the wider community.

So what will you find there?  Well, the channel home page looks like this….  Anyone familiar with YouTube, and subscribing to channels, will recognise the basic layout and we have tried to keep it simple and accessible.

First off of course we’d love you to come along and SUBSCRIBE by hitting the big red button.  Then underneath you will see a series of playlists which we have put together.  

The LusioMATE Video Manual - this will be new to all the Lusio Family as we have only just finished production of it.  It’s designed to help people first get familiar with the platform, and you will soon start to see it within the games apps themselves as we roll out updates of them.

LusioMATE Sensors, Placement & Exercises - this is a series of short videos covering everything from calibrating the Lusio Sensors, to ideas as to where to place them, as well as example therapy exercises that can be done when playing Lusio games.

LusioMATE Games - this is where we will feature videos of all the games on the platform. Over time the emphasis here will be on instructional videos so as to make it as easy as possible for the Lusio Clients and Players to see the whole range of the games available on the platform.

LusioMATE Demo Videos - these are the videos which we use to introduce LusioMATE to people who have no experience of the product or the platform.  You may well recognise one of the videos from our Facebook page as it is pinned at the top.  If you are ever speaking to friends, family or acquaintances about Lusio and you want something easy to access to show them and / or help explain, then send them to the demo videos.

LusioMATE Workouts - these are a new series of workout suggestion videos that we have produced recently and are publishing for the first time here.  Using an animated character, as yet unnamed, we have picked on some popular movement exercises and applied them to a few of the favourite Lusio games.   We will be very interested to see how the Lusio Family responds to them and if they’re a hit then we will be producing more for sure.



Lusio Rehab's Favourite YouTube Channels

We’ve also got on the home page some links to some amazing channels that we subscribe to, and follow, and we will add to these as we grow out the Lusio Rehab presence on the platform for sure.  If you have any channels that you think we should be following please let us know either by the email - - or on the YouTube channel itself.

So to get to the Lusio Rehab YouTube Channel click here - and please don’t forget to subscribe as we’d love to see that number grow over the next few days and weeks!!

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