Lusio Family Facebook Group

A couple of months ago we launched the Lusio Family Facebook Group, a private group that we set up on the Facebook platform with a view to having a specific area in which Facebook Lusio users can share tips, encourage one another and generally feel part of the community that is Lusio.  The idea behind it being private is that we want it to be an exclusive area for all those who are directly involved with the platform, either as players, clinicians, family, friends, carers, or close partners of Lusio.  

The challenge with making it private is that Facebook doesn’t make it easy to communicate how to join the group.  There are a small number of us in the group already, but we would love to see as many Facebook using, LusioMATE platform connected peeps in the group as possible.

So how do you join?

Pre- Approved Email - Well, first of all, if the email that you are receiving this Lusio Talks newsletter to is connected to your email account, then we have pre-approved it and you should be able to click the link here  and join straight away.

Click Join Now - if your email connected to Facebook is different from the email we are sending this Lusio Talks newsletter to, then just follow the link here to the group and request to join and we will approve the request as soon as we're alerted to it.

If neither of the above work for you please email us at  and we will work on getting it sorted for you.

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