Our Mission

Why we exist

Our inspiration comes from the 17 million people affected by Cerebral Palsy. They have no choice but to do Physio every day to preserve or develop mobility.

Physio is currently hard to access, expensive and not monitorable beyond a patient's session.

The future of rehab is to enable it anywhere, anytime and through technology. We want to make that future possible today.

We imagine our technology being used by anyone in need of motivation to move for the purpose of Physio or Rehab.



Who we are

We know that we can make a difference for those that need to do Physio or Rehab. Whether that's every day or from time to time.

We are friends and business leaders united by our purpose.

When you meet us you will see we reflect our values and approach to Rehab. We are fun creative and definitely technology innovators.

In short, a team committed to making a social impact.

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