Lusio Red Runner

Our newest game is about running!

There is a little red square which likes to move fast and needs you to tell it where to go! You can set 2 positions for left and right and help it pass all dangerous barriers while you are doing your rehab exercises. 

We think it can help improving fine movements so could be quite difficult to play!

Watch this video to find out how to play it:

iOS Download Link

Android Download Link



Arran and Richard Keith have reviewed Red Runner game:

We tried the Red Runner game this morning in Easy Mode!

Good: Bright and easy to see platform game which is quick to set up.
Bad: hard to handle reset when the player is exercising hips or thighs as the game flies you in and the player has to quickly reset. Jumping is hard for squat exercises. Jumping is hard
Suggest: recommend game use for arm/ wrist joint and not leg. Easier to reset. Perhaps a countdown to start and the red character starts on the ground or drops in, the player decides. 
Fun factor: 2/5.

Will try with hand or arm and see the difference in player happiness!! 

We invite you all to leave your reviews and comments under this post here :) Thanks.


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