Can the different cultures between the Healthcare Industry and the Biotech Industry be linked to create innovative healthcare solutions ?

I just found this interesting article on LinkedIn written by Julie Kliger (recognised by LinkedIn as a "Top Voice" in Health Care in 2015, 2016 & 2017) talking about the cultural divide between The Healthcare Industry and the Biotech Industry (entrepreneurs).

These different industries have each their own skills and qualities which could probably be gathered together to obtain better results.

The world needs real change to find efficient solutions for healthcare. Different cultures between these two industries cultures leads to a very slow change. In her article, Julie notes the fact that we probably need to link and align culture, as well as develop a ‘new way’ to communicate, respecting both cultures, in order to reach the objective of good healthcare.

We appreciate her way of thinking and at Lusio Technology we are doing our best to be the change. There is much in her article we'll learn from, and adopt (I note an email from; Lusio CEO Chris McGowan this Morning citing this article and the ways we can better serve the industry as change agents)

Julie Kliger emphasises some important points. Health coach apps are ubiquitous on the market but are they really useful to healthcare professionals? We need solutions more efficient than these commercial apps. It seems we need a solution that really works; a revolutionary model.

I totally agree with this: “The collective requirement is to innovate new ways of doing proven practices. Only by being agile, open-minded and forward-thinking can new ideas and new levels of health become possible.”

We are convinced that teamwork between Clinician and Biotech Industry could bring amazing results in healthcare world. Are you?


By Lucie Gonzalez (Guest blogger and Researcher)