Lusio Rehab to Release a New Game Each Week until Christmas

We are pleased as punch to announce Lusio Rehab are releasing one new game per week every week until Christmas.

Some savvy players doing their X-habilitation (PreHab, Rehab, habilitation, maintenance) have already spotted three new games and have been using them. Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it!!

Old school games, functional activity games, bike games, thinking games, puzzles and games showing your body doing the action are on the way. The biggest challenge we have been set was a game to navigate a wheelchair through obstacles ( thanks Cerebral Palsy Alliance Croudace Bay ). 

As if this isn't big enough news, in a major leap forward, all games from now on are available on iOS and Android as we phase out the old TV box method.

As before, each and every game can be used with your LusioMATE controllers on any part of the body that you are looking for motivation to move, strengthen or improve control in. Get in touch if you need any help for yourself or with your clients.

We have a list as long as....... well a very long list on the type of games to be built but we are very up for more suggestions.  You can reach us on or you can reach us via messenger on Facebook.

See you soon - Chris McGowan - Co-Founder @LusioRehab